When Can We Use The Before A Name?

Can we put the before people?

If we put “the” before “people”, those people in the list are of a small number, specific and regular members.

Otherwise, Generalization will occur by leaving “the”..

Why do people use the symbol?

A symbol is a mark, sign, or word that indicates, signifies, or is understood as representing an idea, object, or relationship. Symbols allow people to go beyond what is known or seen by creating linkages between otherwise very different concepts and experiences.

Can we use the before breakfast?

We use ‘a’ when there is an adjective before the names of meals. That was a nice lunch/breakfast/dinner. If breakfast is the normal, everyday occurrence of eating a morning meal, the article “the” is not necessary. However, if it is an event that is not the everyday norm, then the article is used.

Can we use the before month?

There is also no article before the names of days, months, seasons and holidays. There is no article before geographical names like Europe, Italy, Tokyo, and Lake Superior. The “zero article” applies to names of languages and nationalities, as with Chinese or English.

When can the be used?

Use “the” with any noun when the meaning is specific; for example, when the noun names the only one (or one) of a kind. Adam was the first man (the only ‘first man’). New York is the largest city in the United States (only one city can be ‘the largest’). We live on the earth (the only Earth we know).

Do we use the before street names?

Rule 8.4: Do not use the definite article with the names of streets, avenues, lanes, roads, and boulevards. … Jill lives on Summerside Avenue.

What does a before a name mean?

Yes, we do use a (or an) before a name in English, although only in special circumstances. … To mean a person with the name X, about whom we know nothing else. The mysterious letter was signed by a John Smith. (If we knew who this John Smith was, we would just say signed by John Smith.) To mean a person similar to X.

Can we use the before man?

A2A By asking your question, you have put one of the articles that can be used with man. … You can also use “the” man. You can not use “an” because man does not start with a vowel or sound like it starts with a vowel. Examples: He was the man I saw last week on the bus.

Can we use the before company name?

The rule I remember is we should not use the definite article before the firm or company unless the article is the part of the company’s name. … If the word “company” is part of the official name of the company, as in “The Coca Cola Company,” then it needs to be included, usually capitalized.

What is the A with a circle around it called?

The circle-A is almost certainly the best-known present-day symbol for anarchy. … The letter “A” is derived from the first letter of “anarchy” or “anarchism” in most European languages and is the same in both Latin and Cyrillic scripts.

Can we use the before English?

The English language has three articles, ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’. Each of these articles is used before a noun. These articles are known as the ‘indefinite articles’ because they do not specify which noun you are talking about. … If your noun starts with ‘u’ but makes the sound of ‘you’ then you will use ‘a.