Quick Answer: Will You Get Sick If You Eat Moldy Bread?

What can I do with moldy bread?

If you see mold on your bread, you should throw away the entire loaf.

That’s because even if you only see mold in one area, its network of roots could be penetrating deep within the soft habitat of the bread..

What will happen if you eat moldy bread?

You shouldn’t eat mold on bread or from a loaf with visible spots. The mold roots can quickly spread through bread, though you can’t see them. Eating moldy bread could make you sick, and inhaling spores may trigger breathing problems if you have a mold allergy.

What should I do if I accidentally ate moldy bread?

Since it’s easier for mold to spread in softer foods because of the way it grows—whether that’s bread, cheese, meat, or dips—it should be thrown away ASAP.

Will eating moldy bread hurt you?

Mold might produce harmful mycotoxins in all types of foods, but mycotoxin levels are tightly regulated. … That said, you should avoid moldy foods as much as possible, especially if you have a respiratory allergy to mold. Nevertheless, accidentally ingesting it will probably not cause any harm.