Quick Answer: Is Geography Scoring In IAS?

Which is the best scoring subject for IAS?

Public administration and geography are the best subjects that can fetch more marks in the IAS exam.

If we look at the past few years, most of the people have been scoring 350+ marks in public administration..

How good is geography as optional?

Considering good weightage of marks for geography in the various stages of exam it helps prepare for mains and prelims simultaneously. The availability of multiple references and books is considered good in geography optional. A student may never face a shortage of study material in this subject.

Which optional has shortest syllabus?

WHAT IS PHILOSOPHYWell-defined and short syllabus – It has the shortest syllabus among all the optional subjects available for UPSC Civil Services Exam, therefore, can be covered in a lesser period of time. … Popular and suitable for candidates from any background.High Success ratio of 8.9%More items…

Which subject should I start first for IAS?

UPSC Civil Services Exam Study Plan from July. You have to follow discipline at this time. During this time you should start your preparation from General Studies. Take up two subjects as studying one subject becomes monotonous.

Is geography optional tough?

Geography has a lengthy and exhaustive syllabus. So it becomes difficult sometimes to memorize a lot of information at one go. There is a high level of competition because every year over 3000 candidates appear for Mains with geography as an optional subject.

Which is better political science or public administration?

In that regard, political science is a more comprehensive study of politics as a whole, while public administration focuses specifically on shaping societies through direct intervention.

Is public administration scoring in IAS?

Public administration is one of the most popular optional subjects candidates opt for in the UPSC civil services exam. … Read on to see if public administration is suitable for you or not. Honestly, there is no best or worst optional, only the best fit for an individual.

Can I clear UPSC prelims in 2 months?

Is it possible to clear the IAS Prelims Exam with two months’ preparation? Well, the answer is, YES. You can clear IAS Prelims if you are dedicated, smart and willing to work hard. … Though the exam is tough, we believe with proper guidance you can clear the exam.

Which is the easiest subject for IAS?

Which optional subject is easy in UPSC? Answer: Sociology, Geography, and Public Administration are easy subjects to score. Many candidates have scored more than 400 marks in these optional subjects as per the previous year’s result.

Which optional is most scoring in UPSC?

Success Rate of Optional Subjects in UPSC 2016Optional SubjectCandidates AppearedCandidates RecommendedPsychology1061116Anthropology34537Public administration3201337Political science1320854 more rows

Which paper is best for UPSC?

The HinduThe Hindu is the most recommended newspaper for UPSC aspirants. However many are confused about how should they finish ‘The Hindu’ in minimum time covering the priority areas. Almost every IAS aspirant know the importance of reading newspapers for UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation.

Can geography Optional be prepared in 3 months?

3-4- months- Paper 2 Do case studies from magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, Geography, and You. Have at least 10 case studies prepared that can be incorporated in the relevant answers. However, while writing the answers, make sure citing the case study does not exceed 5-6 lines.

Which is better optional history or geography?

This stage of the IAS exam consists of nine papers out of which two are the optional papers….Comparing History and Geography Optionals for UPSC Mains.SubjectHistoryGeographySuccess RateGenerally greater than 5%.Generally greater than 5%.10 more rows

Is sociology tough optional?

Sociology is considered as a safer optional as it doesn’t require any particular knowledge or academic background for its preparation as an optional.

Is maths optional easy?

Any good maths graduate should find the questions of an easy to medium difficulty level. Not many UPSC candidates take up this optional, so your competition is limited when compared to subjects like history or sociology.

Is CSAT removed from UPSC 2020?

UPSC Notification 2020 was issued by UPSC on February 2020. … UPSC itself recommended removing the CSAT (IAS Prelims GS Paper II) in December 2019 but as visible, the Department of Personnel and Training did not accept it. Fewer Vacancies. The number of vacancies notified in UPSC notification 2020 is 796.