Question: How Do I Delete Photos From My IPhone But Keep Them In An Album?

How do I delete pictures from one device only?

Delete selected device copy photos from the device in the photos menuOpen the Google Photos app on your mobile device .Select one or more photos that are on the device.At the top right, tap on the “3 dots” menu icon.Select Delete Device Copy.More items….

How do you transfer favorite photos on iPhone?

Step 1: Open your favourite photo from photos app which you would like to upload on iCloud.Step 2: After opening it, go to options.Step 3: Select Add to iCloud Drive option.Step 4: Select iCloud drive from the list. If you want to save your photo inside a folder present in the iCloud drive, choose that.

How do I delete photos from my iPhone and iCloud at the same time?

Delete all photos from iCloud Run the app. Enter your Apple ID and password. Confirm that you want to delete ALL your photos and videos from iCloud by clicking on the checkbox. Important: Your photos and videos will be deleted from all devices synced with the current iCloud account.

How do I delete photos from my iPhone but not iCloud 2019?

How to Delete Photos from iPhone but Not iCloudGo to Settings on your iPhone.[your name] and choose iCloud.Tap on “Photos”.Turn off “iCloud Photo”.Now, you can delete photos from your iPhone.

Do photos stay on Google photos if deleted from phone?

Open the Google Photos app on your Android phone. Tap on Free up device space from the side menu, and then tap on Free up button to remove those photos from your device. The deleted photos will still be present in Google Photos.

How do I delete photos from my iPhone but keep them in favorites?

Go to “Photos” on the bottom to hide your hidden photos. Then click a category until you see the “Select” option appear at the top. Click “Select”, then click “Select” next to each day until you have selected everything you want to delete. You can hit the trash icon periodically to delete what you have selected so far.

How do I hide photos in my camera roll?

Here’s the most common way to hide your files via Google Photos on the stock version of Android:Open the Google Photos app on your smartphone.Select the images that you wish to hide.Tap the three-dot icon in the top right-hand corner.Tap Move to Archive in the drop-down menu.

Why can’t I delete photos from iPhone?

There are several reasons why you can’t delete photos from iPhone. There’s 90% chance that it’s because you have previously synced your photos with iTunes of any other third-party app. There’s a certain limitation, introduced by Apple that doesn’t allow you to delete synced albums directly on your phone.

How do I move pictures into a folder?

You can swipe left to right for the Android version of My Computer, listing all of the storage devices available. Tap the one you want and find and tap your desired folder. If you want to create a new folder, tap the menu icon in the upper-right corner and select New Folder. When you’re in the right folder, tap PASTE.

How do I delete photos from my iPhone without deleting everywhere?

If you want the ability to delete images from an iPhone or any device without deleting it from all your devices, you have to disable iCloud Photo Library and use another form of sync or another service, like Dropbox, Google Photos, or Amazon Cloud Drive.

Can I delete photos from iPhone but keep in cloud?

Usually, your iPhone automatically backs up to your iCloud account, and if you delete photos from your iPhone, they’ll also be deleted from your iCloud. To get around this, you can turn off iCloud photo sharing, sign in to a different iCloud account, or use a cloud server other than iCloud for photo sharing.

Why do photos take up space when I have iCloud?

Store your photos and videos in iCloud Your photos and videos are stored on your device in their original, high-resolution version. This means that they use a lot of space on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

How can you hide photos on your iPhone?

Hiding photos using built-in featuresLaunch the Photos app.Tap Select in the upper-right corner of your screen and choose which photo(s) you’d like to hide. … Tap the Share icon in the lower-left corner (the square with the arrow sticking out of it). … Tap Hide Photo to confirm your decision.

How do you move photos between albums on iPhone?

If you depend on your devices, wait for the final release.Open Photos on your iPhone and iPad.Tap the Photos tab.Tap Days or All Photos.Tap Select.Tap on photos that you want to add to an album.Tap the share button.Tap Add to Album or Add to Shared Album.Tap on the album to which you’d like to add your photos.

How do I move multiple photos to a new folder?

Other tipsClick the first file or folder you want to select.Hold down the Shift key, select the last file or folder, and then let go of the Shift key.Now hold down the Ctrl key and click any other file(s) or folder(s) you would like to add to those already selected.

Can you delete photos from camera roll but keep them in an album?

Same with photos – but the library is the “Camera Roll” or “All Photos”, and albums are just lists of references to the photos in the library. … If you delete a photo from an album, that will not affect other albums, and the photo itself will not be removed from the library.

How do you move not just copy photos from camera roll to an album?

How to Move Photos from Camera Roll to Album FreelyStep 1: Download and install Syncios Camera Roll Manager on your computer. Download. … Step 2: Connect your iOS device to Computer with a USB cable.Step 3: Backup Photos you want to move to PC. … Step 4: Create a new album. … Step 5: Import camera roll from backup to new album.

How do I bulk delete photos from iPhone?

Delete multiple photosOpen the Photos app and tap All Photos, then tap Select.Tap multiple photos, or slide your finger across multiple photos to select more than one.Tap Trash. to delete multiple photos.