How Poisonous Is An ASP?

Is an ASP the same as a cobra?

The Egyptian cobra (Naja haje) is a venomous snake also known as the Asp is one of the largest cobra species found in the African continent second only to the forest cobra (Naja melanoleuca).

The species is also known by other common names like African banded cobra, banded cobra, brown cobra or Arabian cobra..

Which snake can kill King Cobra?

A King Cobra (the worlds longest venomous snake) has attempted to catch, kill and eat this Reticulated Python (grows to be the longest snake in the world) and has been coiled and strangled by the python and died in the process.

Can a butterfly bite you?

Butterflies don’t bite because they can’t. Caterpillars munch on leaves and eat voraciously with their chewing mouthparts, and some of them do bite if they feel threatened. But once they become butterflies, they only have a long, curled proboscis, which is like a soft drinking straw—their jaws are gone.

What does an ASP Sting feel like?

Puss Moth Caterpillar (Asp) Stings. Puss moth caterpillars (Megalopyge opercularis), of the order Lepidoptera, are also known as asps. … When a puss moth caterpillar rubs or is pressed against skin, venomous hairs become embedded. Envenomation causes intense throbbing pain, burning, and a rash with erythematous spots.

What does ASP stand for in police?

assistant superintendent of policeMay 2016) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Assistant superintendent, or assistant superintendent of police (ASP), is a rank that was used by police forces in the British Empire and is still used in many police forces in the Commonwealth.

Who died from an asp bite?

CleopatraIt was only in the 15th century that painters first started showing Cleopatra with an asp on her arm, and later, they painted the snake on her breast. In Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, she dies in the final scene from the bite of two asps — one to her breast and one to her arm.

What is the most venomous snake in the world?

Inland taipanThe Inland taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus) is considered the most venomous snake in the world with a murine LD 50 value of 0.025 mg/kg SC.

How fast can a inland taipan kill you?

Because it can act so fast, it can kill a person within about 45 minutes. There have been reports of people experiencing effects of venom within half an hour as well.

What is the most venomous snake in the world 2020?

This remains the most poisonous snake in the world in 2020.Death Adder. … Inland Taipan. … Eastern Brown Snake. … Blue Krait. … Black Mamba. … Tiger Snake. … Philippine Cobra. … Saw Scaled Viper. Usually found in the Far East and the Middle East, this viper generally comes out after dark.More items…•

What does a black ASP turn into?

What Will It Turn Into? Moth Description: Your spiky black-and-red caterpillar will transform into a white moth with black circles or spots on its wings. Its abdomen will be blue and orange (not visible at rest).

What happens if you get bit by an asp?

Their hairs are venomous and cause severe pain. It’s not common to get stung, but if you’ve ever known a victim of the sting, you know it’s a horrendous sensation. “I want people to know that these things can cause terrible pain,” said KPRC producer Tera Stidum.

What is the most poisonous snake in Egypt?

The Most Venomous Snakes Of EgyptBlack Desert Cobra. One of the most venomous snakes found in Egypt and other parts of the Middle East, the Walterinnesia aegyptia is completely black in color and has shiny scales. … Egyptian Cobra. … Egyptian Carpet Viper. … Sahara Sand Viper.

How poisonous is an Egyptian cobra?

Venom. The venom of the Egyptian cobra consists mainly in neurotoxins and cytotoxins. The average venom yield is 175 to 300 mg in a single bite, and the murine subcutaneous LD 50 value is 1.15 mg/kg.

Is an ASP a Viper?

Vipera aspis is a venomous viper species found in southwestern Europe. Its common names include asp, asp viper, European asp, and aspic viper, among others. Bites from this species can be more severe than from the European adder, V.

Can an ASP kill you?

According to Plutarch, Cleopatra tested various deadly poisons on condemned people and concluded that the bite of the asp (from aspis—Egyptian cobra, not European asp) was the least terrible way to die; the venom brought sleepiness and heaviness without spasms of pain.

How long do ASP stings last?

Other symptoms may include headaches, nausea, vomiting, intense abdominal distress, lymphadenopathy, lymphadenitis, and sometimes shock or respiratory stress. Erythematous spots or hemorrhagic papules may appear at the site of the sting and last for 1-5 days.

Are ASP stings dangerous?

Their hairs are venomous and cause severe pain. It’s not common to get stung, but if you’ve ever known a victim of the sting, you know it’s a horrendous sensation.

What does an ASP turn into?

Most stinging caterpillars belong to the insect family known as flannel moths. … Fun fact: Once the caterpillar turns into a flannel moth, he’s no longer venomous! The Texas asp is teardrop-shaped, and, with their long, silky hairs, resemble a tuft of cotton or fur.

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How do you kill an ASP?

Kill Them On Contact Kill on contact. These caterpillars can also be killed on contact with a squirt of strong essential oil such as orange, cedar or rosemary. Carry it in a small squeeze bottle and squirt it on the caterpillars as you find them.

What does ASP stand for?

Active Server PageASP (Active Server Page or Application Service Provider) Definition.