Do People Still Use StumbleUpon?

Is mix better than StumbleUpon?

Users of StumbleUpon were pushed to its replacement; Mix.

Apart from having an option to import all your interests and tags from the original site, Mix has a better interface and is more organized than its predecessor StumbleUpon.

The new site works a bit like Pinterest where you organize your posts based on the topic..

Why did StumbleUpon shut down?

The explosion of online content and people’s changing internet habits ultimately led to the site’s demise — ironically at a time when we need something as simple and unfiltered as Stumbleupon the most. Happy stumbling no more. Stumbleupon shuttered recently after 16 years of bringing tailored content to users.

What happened StumbleUpon?

On June 30th, StumbleUpon as we know it will come to an end after 16 years. Co-founder Garrett Camp announced on Medium that the internet discovery service will shutter, and all StumbleUpon accounts will be transitioned over to Mix, a curation platform that incorporates your social media presence.

What is the meaning of stumbled upon?

: to find or learn about (something) unexpectedly I stumbled across/on/upon this book by chance.

Who owns StumbleUpon?

Garrett CampStumbleUponType of siteWebsite ranking and discoveryAvailable inEnglishHeadquartersSan Francisco, California, United StatesOwnerStumbleUpon, Inc.Founder(s)Garrett Camp & Geoff Smith7 more rows

Are there other apps like Pinterest?

PearlTrees. PearlTrees is very similar to Pinterest but just with a different design. Users find and collect pictures, videos, documents, websites, and more into collections. You can then find other people who have similar collections to yours and explore what they have to share.

Is StumbleUpon still relevant?

All told, 16 years is a pretty good run in the social media world. After launching in 2002, website discovery platform StumbleUpon is shutting down on June 30. Over its existence, the service racked up 60 billion stumbles for 40 million users, cofounder Garrett Camp wrote in a Medium post this week.

How do I use StumbleUpon?

Go to to add the “StumbleUpon” button to your browser. Then, when you come across blog posts or infographics you like, use the StumbleUpon button to like them on the network. This is also how you begin promoting your own content.

When was StumbleUpon created?

2001, Calgary, CanadaStumbleUpon/Founded

What happened StumbleUpon Reddit?

No more sending tons of uninterested traffic to your site for free with the service. No more sending tons of uninterested traffic to your site for free with the service. …

Is StumbleUpon safe?

it was related to this site, but the fact that stumbleupon is basically a site where you web hop from random site to random site… there is no way to know if every site you go to via stumleupon is safe! If you decide to use this site, make sure you have great virus protection.

Did StumbleUpon shut down?

StumbleUpon, the addictive internet tool made by an Uber cofounder who brought you to random sites, is folding. The random-content-discovery tool StumbleUpon is shutting down June 30. It’ll be replaced by, a similar service that brings you to content you might be interested in.

What is mix StumbleUpon?

On June 30, 2018, StumbleUpon is moving to Mix. … Similar to StumbleUpon, the social network site that helps users discover unique and interesting things across the web, Mix provides a new way to discover and save people’s favorite things on the internet.

How does mix work?

Creating a collection on Mix allows you to collect articles, videos, and web pages you like about specific interests or topics. When you add to your collections, your content is shared with friends and made discoverable to others on Mix who share similar interests.

How do you discover a website?

Cool Websites To Discover Other Cool WebsitesReddit. In what is considered The Front Page of the internet by the community, Reddit boasts one of the most highly trafficked properties online today. … Digg. The Digg of today is much different than the Digg of yesteryear. … 5000 Best. 5000 Best is a cool website. … Pinterest. … More of It. … Similar Sites. … The Internet Map. … Blekko.More items…

What is mix com?

Mix is a social content curation site that allows you to collect articles, and content about specific interests or topics that you like. When you curate and add to your collections, your content is shared with friends and made discoverable to others on Mix who share similar interests.

How do I use mix com?

How to Use Mix as a BloggerSet up a good profile. The first thing you want to do is sign up for Mix and then set up your profile. … Use catchy names and descriptions. … Change your cover photos. … Use the Mix toolbar. … Get the Mix app. … Follow your fellow bloggers and friends. … Cross promote on other social media. … Follow topics as well as people.

Is StumbleUpon dead?

Are you wondering what happened to StumbleUpon? Sixteen years after it started, StumbleUpon has called it quits. It ceased operations forever on June 30, 2018. But don’t worry, there are still some StumbleUpon alternatives that let you find interesting web pages with the click of a button.

What is the meaning of stumble?

verb (used without object), stum·bled, stum·bling. to walk or go unsteadily: to stumble down a dark passage. to make a slip, mistake, or blunder, especially a sinful one: to stumble over a question; to stumble and fall from grace.