Can Apple HomePod Work With Sonos?

Does Apple HomePod work with Pandora?

Yes, music services other than Apple Music can be played on HomePod with AirPlay.

Other streaming music services, such as Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music and Tidal can be played over the HomePod using AirPlay.

Unlike some other speakers, HomePod does not play music over a normal Bluetooth connection..

Can I use HomePod with Apple TV?

To connect HomePod to Apple TV, you need to use AirPlay. … The HomePod will appear as an audio output. If you aren’t playing content, you can connect to HomePod with a new shortcut introduced in tvOS 11. From the home screen, just hold down the play/pause button on the Siri Remote.

How do I connect my HomePod to my Smart TV?

Use the Home app to add and control every Apple TV, HomePod, and AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV and speaker that you have in your home — all in one place….Change AirPlay settingsOpen the Home app on your iOS device or Mac.On iOS, tap . … Scroll down and choose Allow Speaker and TV Access.

Can I play Netflix through my Sonos?

This means you can use Sonos speakers to play audio from iTunes on the Mac and all iPhone and iPad apps including Music, TV, YouTube, and Netflix. … You can also press play on an older Sonos speaker without AirPlay 2 to pick up the audio stream from a compatible Sonos speaker.

Can HomePod be used as a Bluetooth speaker?

Though HomePod is designed to work with an Apple Music subscription, it is able to play content from third-party services from an iOS device or a Mac using peer-to-peer AirPlay. … HomePod also does not work as a standard Bluetooth speaker with non-Apple devices using a Bluetooth connection.

Can Apple HomePod play YouTube?

Though you can’t control playback using HomePod, you can play any audio from your iPhone or iPad to HomePod, including Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, and even YouTube Premium! The HomePod may not be a traditional Bluetooth speaker, but it is a standard AirPlay speaker (with some added smarts, of course).

What can an apple HomePod do?

Like the incredibly popular Echo, the HomePod can play music and also perform various useful functions, such as tell you about the track that’s playing, set timers, search for and relay information found on the web, read your text messages, set calendar appointments, and a lot more.

Can I connect my HomePod to my Mac?

First, make sure that your HomePod and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Click the speaker icon in the menu bar on the Mac, and select the HomePod from the list of connected devices. Once selected, all music and other audio on the Mac should start streaming to your HomePod.

Does Sonos work with Apple?

Download the Sonos Controller app to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device. If you already have the Sonos app, check for available updates and download them. … * If you don’t already subscribe to Apple Music, you can join on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC or join on your Android device.

Is the HomePod worth it?

Apple’s HomePod is the best-sounding wireless smart speaker available, and you can control it by voice using Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri. But the HomePod is worth considering only if you’re an iPhone owner and a subscriber to Apple Music (or are willing to be)—don’t buy it if you want to keep streaming Spotify.

How do I connect my HomePod to my TV?

Pairing Apple TV and HomePodOpen the Settings app on the Apple TV.Scroll down to the Video and Audio section and select it.Choose “Audio Output.”Select the HomePod icon from the list of available devices.

Can I play my iPhone music on Sonos?

Play your tracks to Sonos from a Mac, PC, or NAS drive You can then browse and play that music from the Sonos app on your iOS device. … The Sonos music library lets you stream your tracks to Sonos locally from a Mac or PC. You can also stream your tracks to Sonos over the internet using Plex.

Can Siri control Sonos?

Control Sonos with Siri from your iPhone or iPad. Setting up AirPlay 2 on Sonos unlocks another exciting new feature: You can now use Siri to control Apple Music on Sonos. Using your iPhone or iPad, you can tell Siri what to play and where to play it.

Is Apple discontinuing the HomePod?

HomePod 2: Release date & availability The HomePod was announced three years ago in June 2017 at WWDC, although it didn’t go on sale until February 2018. Updates to the device remained unnannounced at WWDC 2020, however. … But there has also been speculation that Apple might discontinue the HomePod.

Can I connect Apple HomePod to my TV?

The HomePod cannot be connected directly to a TV. As a wireless Bluetooth device, HomePod must connect to an Apple TV device via AirPlay in order to play audio from a television.

Can I use HomePod without Apple music?

You don’t have to sign up for Apple Music. You can play any of the music you have ever bought on iTunes on your HomePod. … Alternatively, if you have a Spotify, Tidal or Amazon Music account, you can also use AirPlay to stream music from those services directly from your iPhone to the HomePod.